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i-Cooking burnergrate details

 Solid stainless steel

Like the knobs the pan supports are also made off stainless steel. No less than 6mm thick stainless steel is used. Together with a 4mm stainless steel top we get a perfect, harmonious cooktop. Everyone sees in a glance that they belong together. The usual alternative for gas-cooktops are porcelain enamelled cast iron pan supports, but that did not have the looks we wanted for a stainless steel cooktop. An additional advantage is that a  stainless steel grate cannot rust, something a damaged cast iron grate will do.

Black porcelain enamelled

Would you like to build-in i-Cooking in worktops with a different color, such as stone or composite worktops, then you might prefer the black porcelain enamelled pan supports instead of the stainless steel ones. Working closely with our enameling specialist a unique patented process is developed to enamel stainless steel pan supports. This process maintains the sleek design of the pan supports, something that would not be possible with the cast iron ones.

The choice is up to you:

Depending on what system you choose you have several choices:

  • The i-Cooking system suitable for all sheet materials, such as granite and composite, comes standard with black enamelled pan supports. Stainless steel pan supports are not possible here.

ICGX rapidburner grateICGX wokburner grateICGX grates

  • The i-Cooking system for a 4mm stainless steel worktop is supplied with stainless steel pan supports. As an option you can choose black enamelled ones.

ICG and KPG wokburner grateICG and KPG wokburner grate with optional supportcrossICG and KPG normaal- en simmerburner grate

  • The KOONAKA gas hobs are equiped with black enamelled pan supports. Stainless steel pan supports are possible as an extra option.