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Gashobs en Inductionhobs by ABK InnoVent

i-Cooking knob details

Solid stainless steel

ABK InnoVent is known as a manufacturer of high quality stainless steel products and it was obvious that the knobs on the i-Cooking cooktops could only be made of metal. By the first touch you'll instantly feel the difference between a metal knob and stainless steel coated knob made off plastic as usually found on most of the cooktops.

Etched screening

The scaling is etched on a ANSI304 inox ring so that it will stick forever. It is impossible to brush it off with the usual cleaning detergents, in contrast to the widely used, painted prints.

The screen-ring is embedded in a graceful black plastic ring which also prevents liquid from dropping down through the gastap-hole into the cooktop.

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i-Cooking knobi-Cooking knobs